The first film back up on site is the report on the Diggings excavation at Tel Mareshah. If archaeology is your scene, then this film is for you.

The second features a group of people who seem to feel that peace is a good idea. They are probably dangerous lunatics and ought to be locked up: I mean, what if anyone listened to them and all the fighting and killing stopped? Unthinkable.

Gezer is not only an interesting excavation, but the High Place discovered there holds the answer to a frequently asked question.

We have a film from the remains of a convoy destroyed in 1948 during fighting between Israelis and Arabs on the Jerusalem road.

Next we investigate the scene of ancient terrorism and then visit Jerusalem before heading to the far north for the sources of the Jordan River and the pagan shrines of Banias.

And while we're up there, we take a passing glance at Susita and the most famous pigs in history before heading southwards and downwards to the lowest spot on earth.

Then there are the giants - or one in particular, a rather famous one who came a cropper when he met a shepherd boy armed with a sling, followed by a castle where slings would have been no earthly use whatsoever, and we finish off the military theme with a successful rebellion.