There are few cities with more - and more contentious - historical associations than Jerusalem. Sacred to three faiths, it suffers from the fact that the devotees of all three can be fierce, intolerant and bigotted. That Jews, Christians and Muslims can live together without compromising their beliefs has been demonstrated by many communities - but politicians (both religious and secular) have ruined things.

To mark Easter 2002, our first reports from Jersualem concern the Garden Tomb, then we turn to the less exalted subjects of fair trade and bagpipes. I also tell the fascinating story of the Mosque of Omar (which is not the same as the Dome of the Rock, despite what many ignorant tourists think!)

We look at the difficulties of daily life for the Palestinians and tell of an American who went to Jerusalem to escape bitterness at home.

We watch Jews celebrating the coming of age of their sons - the Bar Mitzveh.