Middle East

Despite its troubled situation at present, Israel is still a fascinating country to visit and is the place where the Diggings Tour does its annual dig. We also dip into modern politics and ancient religious practices.

Turkey is also an interesting country - and rather more peaceful than some of the other places in the Middle East.

Egypt is the country that fascinates most people, so let's kick off with a visit to the very first pyramid.

A visit to Petra in Jordan can be a gruelling experience (it was this time, I can tell you!) so our first report from Jordan suggests a way to relax.

The Lebanon was always a lovely place to visit, far removed from the tensions that wracked the rest of the Middle East. Then came the civil war, which changed everyone's perception, but I am happy to say that things are close to normal now.

Syria, to my surprise and relief, turned out to be a delightful place to visit. Our first report concentrates on its culinary delights, but we hope to bring you a few others a little later on.