We enjoy making travel films, particularly when they offer us the opportunity to go abroad. We are very happy to put our report on the Diggings dig back on our reconstructed site and now we have some new films from the Middle East for you to enjoy.

We have a love/hate relationship with our near neighbour, England, but for the scenery there is nothing but love. After all, it is our lost land ...

On the other hand, we have fellow feeling for our Scottish friends who were rather more successful than we were in keeping the English at bay.

Then we have some footage from the land with which our destinies were linked for so long - the British Raj in India. We take you Down-Under, to Australia, where we investigate some of the less well-known aspects of that strange land. Next it is across to the Americas, with films of the Wild North.

Finally we venture across the Channel to mix with "foreigners", including the beautiful scenery of Norway.