Bagpipes and Boy Scouts

While wandering through the Old City one evening I heard the most apalling noise and tracked it down to a group of Boy Scouts practising the bagpipes. I presume the Britain's Mandate over Palestine is the reason why Scotland's awful instrument was being played in the Holy City!

I'm no connoisseur of bagpipes, but the young chaps seemed to be very proficient at it and to derive a good deal of enjoyment from the activity, nor did the noise detract from the other activities which were going on in the building. I must congratulate the residents of nearby houses, however, for their toleration!

When one thinks of "Palestinian youth" one tends to associate them with stone-throwing and suicide bombing. It's nice to be able to record a more positive side - and my grateful thanks to the young men who received me so courteously and cooperated in the making of this short film. Unfortunately the acoustics in the building rather muffled the words of the young man who, at the start of the film, says, "This is the Arab Catholic Scouts and this is our band."