Germany is a huge country which takes days to cross, despite its impressive autobahns and its splendid lack of speed limits. It is also crammed with history, from the Neander River which gave us the pre-historic Neanderthals, to the mighty Rhine, which gives us the Lorelei and vast amounts of pollution from the industries along the Ruhr.

In these films we visit Nuremberg for a mysterious menagerie, Dachau for man's inhumanity to man, Augsburg for Luther's inconclusive debate, Fulda for a remarkable saint and his remarkable relic, Aachen for the greatest German emperor and Blenheim for a forgotten battlefield. Hamelin is the home of the Pied Piper, of nursery-tale fame while Kleve was the home of the Flanders Mare and Munster the site of the first oecumenical project involving Catholics and Protestants.

Then we turn to Martin Luther, the great founder of the Protestant movement.