Denbighshire has many villages, some fairly non-descript, others most attractive.

One that I always enjoy visiting is Gwaenysgor, at the top of a very steep hill above Prestatyn. The village is charming and one of its features is the village pond. I passed by there on the last day of 2001 and found the pond frozen.

Now many viewers from northern lands will find our tiny sprinkling of snow laughable, but we also have viewers from lands were a frozen pond would be very exotic indeed, so for their benefit we include this film, showing what happens to the ducks on the village pond when the water turns to ice.

Then there is Dyserth, a charming little village, much quieter now that the main road no longer runs through it. Famous for its waterfall, we celebrate it for the quirky idea to hold a scarecrow festival!

Last of all Derwen - the name means "oak tree" - which has a hidden secret right out in the open.