Trelawnyd is a small village on the road from Holywell to Rhyl, seen by most motorists as nothing more than an irritating impediment on their route. In fact the village has an interesting history and is full of interesting things - an ancient cross in the churchyard, Gop Hill behind it, a large and imposing village hall and, best of all, a lively group of inhabitants.

Our first film takes in the marvellous view from Gop Hill and if it can persuade you to stop your mad rush to Rhyl and stretch your legs, it is well worth while in any except the direst weather.

The second film reflects the pride of the villagers in their village, which they are working hard to make even more attractive than before. You can get details of the rather interesting technique they are using for the path by writing to PrintCrete

The third film takes you to the winning garden in the 2004 Open Gardens Day. A large number of public spirited people opened their gardens - which were extremely beautiful, by the way - and anyone could just turn up and wander round to admire them. We also talk to some of those who help make Trelawnyd a pleasant place in which to live.

Trelawnyd school has just celebrated its 150th anniversary with a concert attended by various local dignitaries - including the pope!