London's Thames Embankment is not only a lovely riverside walk - now little appreciated because of the traffic that dominates the scene, it is also an open air portrait gallery of many of the most famous names in British history. In this film we take a stroll along the Embankment and its nearby gardens, picking out some of the most famous (or most quirky) of the people who are commemorated here.

I was pleased to have a chance for a day of filming in the English capital just before Christmas. What is more, the weather was nice and sunny, so I tramped around the place all day. There was lots more I would have liked to shoot but parking in London is now all but impossible. Indeed, even entering London is prohibitively expensive with over-the-top "congestion charges" and traffic wardens who patrol the streets in droves, armed with hi-tech computers with which to punish the erring.

Of course, I approve of the emphasis on public transport - but when you are lumbered with loads of camera equipment, it simply isn't possible to leap lightly on and off busses. Walking, no matter how beneficial for your health, is a slow process - and London is a big place.