Northumberland is the northernmost county in England and one of the wildest and most desolate in the country. That makes it an ideal place for anyone who loves nature, but it is also plentifully supplied with charming towns, grim castles, and historical sites, because for many centuries Northumberland was the tense border between England and Scotland. Raiders, called "reivers", rode out from here to attack Scottish farms and come back driving herds of stolen cattle (and the occasional stolen girl).

Needless to say, Scottish reivers were not slow in repaying the compliment and anyone who could possibly afford it fortified his dwelling. Strong towers called "pele towers" (pronounced "peel") were plentiful and more than one vicar spent his life inside the "vicar's pele" where he offered protection to the poor of his flock who otherwise would have been exposed to every raid and foray that passed.

Today the raids are a distant memory and a major selling point for the tourist industry. Walking and hiking are the chief attractions, closely followed by Hadrian's famous Wall, whose eastern half lies within the county.

Our first film, however, harks back to the reiving days and the disastrous Battle of Otterburn while our second refers to a far more peaceful and holy scene. The third reminds us of a feisty lady whose personal tragedy spared countless women unnecessary suffering.

The fourth film takes us to a ruined castle that was once so important a queen sought refuge there, while the fifth introduces an altogether more peaceful spot."