Lady's Well in Northumbria

Holystone is a quiet little village out in the wilds of Northumbria and only a short distance from Harbottle. We heard about the well and then researched it on the internet and finally had the opportunity to visit it.

In the middle of the village a very discreet little sign points to the well and you go through a couple of gates and across a field that, when we visited, was rather muddy. The end is worthwhile, however, for this beautiful stone-lined pool surrounded by tall trees. It was autumn and the only ripples on the pool's surface came when a leaf fluttered down from one of the trees. The only sound was the gentle flow of water from the pool into a channel that carried it down to the village which it supplies.

Historical associations apart, I can highly recommend Lady's Well as a place to spend a thoughtful half an hour, drinking in the beauty of the spot and remembering the men - and women - of God whose preaching and prayers have sanctified it.