Tomb of Josephine Butler

Kirknewtown is only a mile or so further up the road from Yeavering. The valley is wide, the houses are sparse, the hills are green and the wide, blue sky gives a feeling of immensity - at least it did on the day we visited. I've no idea what it's like in winter!

This was the peaceful place where young Josephine was born, where she grew up and where she married into money. And that's probably all that anyone would have known of her had she not suffered a personal tragedy that led her to abandon the beautiful countryside for the slums of Liverpool, where she discovered a deep, dark secret.

Like many such things, it started out with the best of intentions by legislators who wanted to do right and make the world a better place. But alas, wherever there is power, there are people eager to abuse it and Josephine made it her life's work to undo the harm that was being done in the name of health.