As soon as anyone says "Norfolk", people immediately think "broads" - the large open areas of water, linked by winding waterways, that offer splendid sailing to visitors of all ages. I discovered, to my surprise, that at least some of these broads are man-made - the result of extensive digging for peat in bygone years!

Norfolk is fairly flat and low-lying and even the hills in the north are only gently rolling. As one of the longest settled and most fought-over parts of the country, there is history round every corner and something to delight the visitor in every direction.

Our first film, however, is my particular interest - a parish church: but what a parish church! It is more like a young cathedral than anything. I hope you enjoy the film. The second film takes you to what was one England's foremost place of pilgrimage and the third to a church where the font was empty one Sunday too many. Then there is a Roman fort and the mysterious tale of a pedlar who dreamed, to say nothing of the quarrelling monks and townspeople. The final one is of a female hermit whose fame is still alive today.