Niagara's Fearsome Whirlpool

The mighty Whirlpool below the famous Falls*
The mighty Whirlpool below the famous Falls

Everyone has heard about Niagara Falls and seen photographs or even video of the majestic cascade of water, but rather fewer people have heard of the Whirlpool a mile or so downstream. In its way it is even more impressive than the Falls, because there are waterfalls a-plenty in this world, but there are not many places where a large river is forced to turn abruptly through ninety degrees.

Over the years the torrent of water has eaten a deep recess into the cliff which blocks its way and the result is a whirlpool with so fearsome a current that even the tourist jetboats, eager to give their passengers the ultimate thrill, keep well away from the maelstrom.

If getting soaked through by the spray of the rapids is not your style, you can grind your way slowly across the Whirlpool, suspended high above the foaming water by gossamer-thin threads. Neither is particularly my "scene"!