Canada is a vast country which I have only visited once, travelling from Vancouver in the west to Quebec in the east. My ambition is to ride the famous train all the way across, from the wooded east, over the limitless prairies and then through the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains, but so far I have had to resort to car through the mountains and plane over the prairies, with car again to view the attractions of the east.

Meanwhile our first film is about someone who did the trip more or less in reverse and very much the hard way!

After that we have a couple that show the grandeur of Niagara Falls. I could have sat and watched them for hours - and not just the thunder of water plunging into the abyss, but the amazing column of spray that rises hundreds of feet into the air from the spectacular Horseshoe.

Our final film in this section takes us far to the east and tells the story of a doughty young lady whose tongue was her most formidable - though not her only - weapon.