A sign at the foot of the pass warns of the local fauna*
A sign at the foot of the pass warns of the local fauna

If I were voting, it is the Trollstigen road that is Norway's finest driving experience. You drive up a gentle valley from Andalsnes, conscious all the while that you are being hemmed in by vertical rock cliffs and the most fearsome of the cliffs lies right ahead of you. And then you reach it and discover that the road does not plunge beneath the cliff in a tunnel - as far too many Norwegian roads do - but climbs straight up in a zigzag path that seems too fantastic to be true.

In this film we start just before the first of the eleven hairpin bends and climb steeply to a point where the road crosses a waterfall. Ahead of us two coaches are trying to pass each other on a bend, but fortunately there is a layby in which we can wait for them to sort themselves out.

From the layby we look back down the valley and trace the route of the pack horse trail as it climbs even more steeply than the motor road, but it is when it reaches the waterfall that you realise that Norwegian pack horses must have monkey genes to scramble up that narrow, vertical, pitch.

Finally, with the buses out of the way, we continue to the top of the Trolls' Ladder and venture out onto the viewpoint that hangs over the valley. The film is a combination of footage from my dashcam and my video camera. If you can't get to Norway yourself, I hope this is the next best thing.