Go <i>through</i> the arch to come out <i>on top of</i> the arch!*
Go through the arch to come out on top of the arch!

If the road down into Geiranger Fjord is breath-takingly beautiful, the road up the other side out of the village is equally rewarding. Hair-pin bend follows hair-pin bend until the ships on the fjord look like children's toys.

We came round a bend and saw the sign off to "Knuten", but almost drove past it until I recalled seeing the word on a poster or brochure or something down in the tourist information office in Geirganer. I hastily swerved off the road onto the dirt track - and that is where this film begins.

As we drove under the arched stone gateway we fully expected another high-priced tourist attraction - a beautiful garden or a spectacular waterfall. What we got was something else, an ingenious way for the road builders to overcome a steep slope. Best of all, it didn't cost us a penny!