Two Waterfalls

The dramatic Pollfoss waterfall*
The dramatic Pollfoss waterfall

We were lucky in our trip to Norway. A month earlier and all the waterfalls would have been frozen; a month later and the snow would have all melted (if it was going to melt!) and the waterfalls dried up. As it was, there was snow melting everywhere and every mountain and slope was alive water water, streaming, cascading, tumbling and hurtling down into the valley below.

Some of the waterfalls were the sort of insignificant stream that you can see anywhere after rain. Others, like the two featured in this film, were world-class attractions that deserve a mention in any guide book. There were so many like them, however, that only the second is mentioned in our guide book, a single sentence that is really rather dismissive.

All I can say is that serendipity rules. Pollfoss we glimpsed out of the corner of the eye as we drove past and we had to turn off the road and down a forest track to discover its full magnificence. Latefoss, on the other hand, could not be ignored, a cloud of spray smoking across a main road and almost bringing traffic to a halt.