The Atlantic Highway

The Storseibrua
The bridge that seems to end in mid-air!

"Atlantic Highway" is the rather pretentious name given to a short stretch of road on the western coast of Norway. It runs from Vevang to the island of Averøy, skipping from islet to islet in a succession of causeways and bridges. The views out to sea - the North Atlantic - are dramatic but no more so than one of the bridges, the Storseibrua, which not only soars into the air to give room for boats to pass underneath, but appears to have a curve in it so that driving up to the summit is a real act of faith!

Even without breaking the ridiculous Norwegian speed limit, it only takes six minutes to drive from one end of the Atlantic Highway to the other, so here are two versions of the trip shot on my dashcam, one going east-west and the other returning in the opposite direction. If you can't make it to Norway, I hope this will give you a taste for this lovely road.