Pribor is a charming little town not far from Ostrava, the main town in the eastern Czech Republic and site of its airport. The town has a couple of claims to fame, which will be detailed in the pages that follow, but first I must say a word about pronunciation.

Czech is afflicted with a letter that looks like 'R' with a little 'v' over it and which is pronounced - well, imagine the word "treasure" with the 'R' rolled and the first vowel sound shortened to the point where it disappears entirely. In Czech it would be written "trure", with a little 'v' over the first 'r'. Can you get your head around that? More to the point, can you get your tongue around that?

Good, because the first 'r' in "Pribor" has a little 'v' over it. Go off into a quiet room and practice saying it, after which you can try "Bistrice", where the 'r' is the same horrible letter!