Croatia, part of the former Yugoslavia, is a wonderful place to visit, with warm seas, clear blue skies, friendly people, good food and cheap prices.

Of course, that is only talking about the coastal areas. The inland parts lack the warm seas, but instead have beautiful scenery, charming old towns, fascinating architecture and the fiercest speed cops in Europe. Fortunately - or unfortunately - I am told that the latter much prefer a 200 kuna note in the hand to the tedium of dragging you through the courts.

Things to look out for in Croatia include kleppa singing, watermelons (in season), Plitvice National Park and, of course, the first place on our list: Kumrovec, Tito's birthplace.

(Note: in Croatian, the letter 'c' is pronounced 'ts', so these places are really 'Kumrovets' and 'Svinitsa'. Oh, and these people think that 'r', horribly rolled, is a vowel! Try 'Krk', the name of a beautiful island in the Adriatic.)

Unless you have actually been there, I doubt you'll have ever heard of Lobor. I certainly hadn't - but it turned out to conceal a real jewel.

Equally unknown is the little village of Donja Stubice, set in a lovely valley at the foot of Mt Slijema. Behind it is a huge monument to a man who, like Robin Hood, may never have existed.

Then there is the holiest shrine in Croatia, the miraculous image of the Virgin known as Maria Bistrica.

The little town of Buzet hides a terrible secret while the holiday resort of Rijeka was where the angels stopped when they grew tired!