Set in the heart of England, Warwickshire is a country of rolling hills and neatly hedged fields. It has a number of historic towns to delight the visitor - and some not quite so historic which are also a delight.

In our first film from Warwickshire we visit one of the latter, Royal Leamington Spa, a modern dormitory town for nearby Birmingham and Coventry, but which preserves at its heart the charm of the Regency period when men were bucks and ladies wore crinolines.

The second film features the fascinating town of Coventry, where the Transport Museum is worth a couple of hours of anybody's time - not least for the white-knuckle ride it features - and the cathedral, although looking like a cross between a tower block and a warehouse, has all the atmosphere of a gothic original.

The third is quite a long film, but we have split it into three parts. It concerns Kenilworth Castle and the stirring events of 1266 when it held off Henry III for six months and could have done so longer if only the people inside hadn't been so hungry.

Then we visit Lunt Roman fort, where Boadicea's ponies ended up.