The county town of Herefordshire is, not surprisingly, Hereford; centre of a vast tract of apple orchards supplying the cider makers. There are beautiful half-timbered buildings in Hereford itself and also in many of the little villages that dot the countryside and you can follow a marked route that takes you through the best of them. Make sure you visit the Bromyard Clock as it strikes twelve.

If you want somewhere beautiful to walk, you might like to consider the disused Hereford to Gloucester Canal. Watch the film about the Skew Bridge and if the interest of the canal itself is not sufficient attraction, listen to the bird song in the background before popping off to Mansel Lacy for something a bit more manic.

If you want rural peace and quiet, try Monkland and time your visit for a Sunday when you can visit the parish church and listen to the soothing sound of Hymns Ancient and Modern or visit Kilpeck and marvel at its decorations - but if it's a sermon you want, try Wigmore for a 3-hour special, "Vox Corvi".