West Australia

West Australia is a fascinating part of this great continent. Its scenery ranges from the rugged hills of the far north to the arid deserts of the central area to the lush Karri and Tingle forests of the south. There are fantasic natural wonders, impressive man-made buildings and the fabulous history of mining, as well as the famous Ninety Mile Straight, where you can drive for an hour and a half without ever turning the steering wheel!

At present West Australia is enjoying something of a boom thanks to mining and the export of raw materials, though many wish that the state would give greater emphasis to manufacturing, so that the exports could be of greater value. However the result is that Perth is one of the most expensive cities in the world.

The people are friendly and helpful: we were so impressed by the helpfulness of the city bus drivers that we sent compliments to the transport department. Usually bus drivers are surly and discourteous, but not in Perth.