A Fallen Sequoia

A hollow log you can walk through!*
A hollow log you can walk through!

There are several named trees in the Sequoia National Park, one of which is the General Grant, the third largest tree in the world (by volume, the signs are careful to add!)

Just down from the General Grant there is a fallen sequoia. The log is hollow and I don't suppose it looks anything special in the photograph opposite - but the thing is huge. It is so big that I was able to walk through it, starting at the far end, without ducking or bending my head!

There is one bit where I step over a root that lies beneath the fallen tree while peering through the camera viewfinder and it turns out that the ground on the other side is lower than on this side, so the camera jerks a bit as I catch my balance, but apart from that it is like walking along a footpath (sidewalk to the Americans).

The size of these huge trees just takes the breath away!