For years I have put off going to America - too expensive, too dangerous, too big, or even just, too American. Finally, in 2017, we took the plunge. We saw wonders that took our breath away, we met friendly people at every turn, we paid through the nose for things I thought were cheap in America, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

I have to report, however, that it is an angst-ridden country. We saw signs warning us of "cross traffic", others of "cross winds", and even the bears are grizzly! We were little over a hundred miles from Las Vegas when some lunatic exercised his constitutional right to amass an arsenal of nearly forty machine guns and used most of them to massacre 59 and wound 500. Presumably he didn't like American folk music!

In a whirlwind trip that covered over six thousand miles in four weeks, we didn't have much time for filming, so I hope you enjoy the few snatched minutes of video we did record.