Visual Arts

The first film is one we have had here for a while - and deservedly: Dave Newbould deserves publicity both for his skills as a photographer and also for his interesting life story.

The second exhibition is an interesting one that I came across in Syria, of all places. Clearly the people there take a relaxed view of the Muslim interdiction on depictions of human or animal forms.

The third is an interview with a young painter whose work I saw in an exhibition in Rhyl library and greatly liked. I phoned her up to arrange the interview and was most surprised, when I got there, to discover a charming and beautiful young lady with a positive mane of fair hair. See what you think.

The fourth film in this section is about a man who paints birds - the feathered kind - and whose work crops up everywere because he has done lots of commissions for the RSPB.

Then we have a film is about a local art club and their annual exhibition and a whole section devoted to a local consortium that has opened a joint gallery in Rhyl and another similar group in Prestatyn.

The final film is one of the longest here, but the artist concerned has a fascinating life story.