Philip Snow

My wife is a keen bird watcher and several of her books about birds have been illustrated by Philip Snow. When I discovered that he lived on Anglesey and, moreover, was willing to talk to NWTV, I was out there like a shot. Although I can take birds or leave them alone, I can recognise real talent and the painted pictures are amazing!

I discovered that Philip has an amazing story and it was a real privilege to sit - or rather, stand behind the tripod - in his studio, surrounded by sketches, finished paintings, and tubes of paint and listen while he talked with enthusiasm about his love for birds.

One thing that came over very strongly was his great respect for his favourite subject - birds, a respect that has led him in a very different direction to many artists (and many ordinary people).

I'm sure that you will enjoy the film but beware! Watching it may prove expensive, for I'm sure that once you have seen it you, like me, will want to own a Philip Snow original - and in our second film you have the opportunity, for Philip has regular exhibitions at the Tegfryn Gallery in Menai Bridge and we visit the exhibition on its launch day. (Unfortunately the gallery was crammed with people talking at the top of their voices, which is why we've had to give Philip's words in subtitles.)

You can contact Philip directly via