Milford Sound

Sound Milford Sound is one of those must-see, once-in-a-lifetime sights that every visitor to New Zealand comes back from gasping - the beauty, the peace, the grandeur, the scenery.

We came back gasping, too - from having ice-cold spray dashed in our faces!

It was an awful day; the wind was howling up the Sound, trapped between towering peaks. Mitre Peak was lost in the low-lying cloud, the calm reflection shattered into a million raging waves. The waterfalls were smoking back up the mountains and the rain and spray drifted in horizontal clouds over the surface of the water!

Still, given the raw deal handed out by nature, the staff on the glorified launch that took us on a cruise up the Sound were friendly, courteous, helpful and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Anyone can see Milford Sound at its best: we were privileged to see it at its worst!