Huka Falls

If this film is a trifle repetitive - which it is - I make no apologies. Huka Falls (and I can't advise you on whether it should be pronounced to rhyme with "hooker" or "sucker") are just overwhelming - huge quantities of snow-white water, the result of billions of bubbles, surging down a narrow rock chasm and plunging over a low shelf to slowly dissipate as the water flows downstream until the river is once more pale green.

The film ends with a brief reprise, from the gently flowing river above the falls to the gorge and then to the falls themselves. If you ever visit New Zealand, Huka Falls are a must, at least as view-worthy as the amazing thermal park of Rotorua. However I must point out that the New Zealanders have slipped up badly here: you get to see the falls without paying a penny! Tut tut.