Geraldine's Mosaic

huge jumper is in the Guiness Book of Records.

It was time to stretch our legs as we swung into Geraldine in the South Island and our eye was caught by a sign advertising an enormous jumper and a mediaeval mosaic. Curious, we entered a shop devoted to knitting - wool, needles, and so on. On one wall hung the record-breaking jumper and out the back of the shop was an astonishing sight: the Bayeux Tapestry hand-painted on millions of tiny fragments of steel.

Enthusiasts are fascinating people and although nothing would induce me to spend twenty-five years sticking bits of metal to sticky paper, Michael Linton proved to be a mine of information on 1066 and all that (his CD of original documents is worth getting if you are a history buff) and one is left gob-smacked at the labour of love represented by his huge mosaic.

If ever you have occasion to pass through Geraldine, the mediaeval mosaic is a must! After all, you'll get to see the two missing panels from the original tapestry.