Jan Huss and Tabor

I was always taught to revere John Huss - Jan Huss as the Czechs call him - as one of the fathers of the Protestant Reformation. The fiery preacher of Bethlehem Chapel in Prague, burned ignominiously at the stake by the Council of Constance, but his calls for reform could not be so easily extinguished and led, eventually, to more powerful voices and ultimate triumph.

As with all things that you learn at your mother's knee, the truth is always far more complicated - and so it is with John Huss. We don't have time or opportunity in this film to go into his life in detail, but we do mention some of the uncertainties. The main purpose of the film, however, is to remember a great and courageous man. If you want to learn more, there are plenty of books about him.

The "More info" links takes you to a biography of the great man.