Stramberk Ears

Set in rolling countryside just south of Ostrava airport, the little town of Stramberk nestles just below its castle near the summit of a hill - a hill which was the people's salvation when the Turks attacked.

The locals managed to flood the fields in the valley, more or less isolating themselves and causing the Turks to retreat, but not before raiding parties had exacted a grisly revenge. When the defenders came down into the valley they found that those unfortunate enough to be captured by the Turks had had their ears cut off - and a couple of sacks full of ears were discovered in a house used by the Turks.

Whether it was sympathy or humour I am not sure, but someone in the town devised a sweetmeat that he called "Stramberk Ears". We just had to try them and duly tracked down a shop which sold them. I must admit to being slightly off-put by the fact that the things felt squishy and horribly ear-like, but the taste was pleasant enough.

If you're ever in the area, don't miss this local delicacy - though I suggest filling them with whipped cream, and maybe sprinkling them with chocolate drops ...