A "suffragette" using a microphone! A real temporal anomaly.

Once a year on the first May Bank Holiday, Llandudno breaks out into its Victorian nostalgia fest. To my disappointment, very few people were dressed in Victorian costume. To my delight, however, many of the rides were Victorian - right down to the steam engines which powered them!

Unfortunately, all the rapid movement in the scenes means that this is one of those films that doesn't come over very well in Web-video, but look out for the hand-cranked carousel, and the parade of steam and traction engines.


In the second film we talk to some of the people who were dressed up in Victorian costume; some were there for charity, some for business, but all for fun

The third film gives glimpses of Llandudno's famous pier and its seafront as a trio of "Victorians" discussing the forthcoming attraction of the Extravaganza, while the fourth is a report on the 2007 Extravaganza. I presume the Space Troopers were strictly Victorian!

We finish with an attractive flower festival held in a church on the High Street.