The Fire Garden

The Fire Garden in Caernarfon Castle*
The Fire Garden in Caernarfon Castle

Edward I must be rolling in his grave! Not only has Cadw, the Welsh body responsible for the repair and upkeep of ancient monuments, installed an access ramp to the castle which he did his best to make inaccessible, but it held a "Fire Garden" spectacular in the castle ward to which all and sundry were invited (provided they paid the entrance fee, of course).

The advertising looked interesting, so we went along and were vastly impressed by the way the rather boring interior of the castle was transformed into a fantasy world of fire. Explosions of flame, fire-oramas (a sort of vertical panorama of flame - see the picture opposite), fiery trees, more firepots than you could count, and blazing sconces in every nook and corner.

If you ever see the Fire Garden advertised in a castle near you - and apparently Cadw officials were as impressed as we were - do not miss it!