Conwy is a fascinating town at the mouth of the River Conwy. Built by Edward I to control the strategic crossing of the river, the massive castle was never captured in war. Its associated town retains the medieval street plan and the walls still encircle the town, in almost as good condition as when they were first built.

We join Arianne and Jamie as they explore the town together. If you enjoy watching them, a DVD with all four Arianne films is available through our on-line shop,

The second film concerns the Conwy Honey Fair, founded by Edward I and still going strong. No mediaeval costumes, I'm afraid, but delicious honey - my wife went mad and bought a dozen jars, all different flavours, so that's our year's supply! Watch out for the American woman who doesn't produce honey, the people who are giving it away, and the prize winner with the purest beeswax. Oh, and click on this link to find out more about that American.