Gerddi Caerau

One of the pleasant walkways in the gardens*
One of the pleasant walkways in the gardens

This was a bit of serendipity! We had gone to visit a friend who was staying in a B&B in the village of Sarnau, just outside Bala, and discovered that the B&B was, in fact, a self-catering cottage in the grounds of Caerau Gardens. After enjoying a small, but delicious repast from their cafe, we wandered around the gardens before heading for the Bala Lake Railway.

Unfortunately that meant that we didn't have time to explore the children's playground - though I thoroughly approved of the warning posted at the entrance! However the friend told us that it was every child's dream, where imaginations could run riot amid the opportunities for play, both natural and man-made.

We could have spent much longer just relaxing in the peaceful garden which, although not large, does have a surprising number of hidden nooks, so there may well be other parts that we didn't have time enough to explore. Well worth a visit.