Dyserth Waterfall

Dyserth waterfall after heavy rain*
Dyserth waterfall after heavy rain

Dyserth waterfall, although heavily advertised, is nothing more than a pleasant tea garden with a small fall of water at the far end. Pretty, but the 50p admission charge is probably slightly more than the falls are really worth.

In June, 2019, after a week of heavy rain, things changed dramatically. Instead of a trickle of clear water there was a deluge of muddy water, so much that the stream above the falls overflowed and sent a cascade of water down what is normally a dry rock face. I would have gladly paid my 50p to enter and film the falls properly, but the tea garden had become a water garden and the path to it was a raging torrent.

In area with few attractions other than the beach, Dyserth Falls are definitely worth a visit and if - as at present seems unlikely - summer heat should ever return, the garden is an oasis of green coolness where the children can play and where duck races are run for charity. That, rather than the falls, justifies the admission charge.