Castell Aberlleiniog

A motte and bailey castle*
A motte and bailey castle

Llangoed is a perfectly normal Anglesey village - grotty terraces of miners' cottages, closed chapel, flourishing pub, a few modern houses on the outskirts, and that is about it. You drive through its narrow street and shake its dust off your feet, thankful that you didn't meet anyone coming the other way!

But if you take the time and trouble to turn into the car park as you head north out of the village - and even more, if you take the time and trouble to read the notice boards and then take the walk they recommend - you find a hidden jewel: Aberlleiniog Castle, a genuine motte and bailey built by the early Normans and later fortified in stone so that an evil steward could get his bit of "nookie" with his master's wife.

And then the master died suddenly, unexpectedly, and without any obvious explanation ...