Sueno's Stone

The life of Ninian
The Sueno Stone as we first saw it, out in the open.

Sueno - or Sweyn as you may better know him - was a Scandinavian king (several, actually) who had nothing at all to do with this stone. At least, that is current thinking, but as there is no inscription on the stone, your guess is as good as mine.

The stone was found buried beneath the ground just to the east of the little town of Forres and for some considerable period of time it stood by the roadside, its fantastic carvings gradually eaten away by wind, weather and exhaust fumes. I am pleased to see that the good citizens of Forres have taken steps to protect it, less pleased that they make good photography virtually impossible.

Based on the carvings on the stone, which appear to depict a battle with headless corpses scattered around a battlefield and a couple lying beneath a curious arch, scholars now think the stone commemorates a battle between King Dubh and the men of Moray. Scholars previously assured us that it was all to do with the depradations of King Sweyn (hence the name), so the best thing you can do is visit Forres, view the stone and reach your own conclusion.