Groam House Museum

The enigmatic Picts were the original inhabitants of Scotland and the area around Inverness seems to have been one of their strongholds. A few miles from that city, out on the Black Isle (really a peninsula between the Moray and Cromarty Firths), is the little town of Fortrose/Rosemarkie (two villages joined in a common identity).

We had gone there to watch the dolphins off Chanonry Point, but as they only appeared as the tide was turning, there were hours when there was nothing to see. Perusing a leaflet we picked up at the camp site, I discovered that there was a museum with a collection of Pictish stones at Rosemarkie, so off we went.

Memorial to the Brahan Seer.

Groam House museum is well worth a visit. The fascinating carved stones that filled the lower story were illuminated by a trio of short videos shown on the upper story, where various objects found in the course of excavations were on display. The staff were extremely friendly and well-informed and the displays were well laid-out and described. Best of all, entrance is free - though we were so impressed that we gave a generous donation.

Nearby is Chanonry Point, where people go to watch dolphins. The aquatic beasties seemed reluctant to show themselves when we were there, so I filled in time filming the story of the Brahan Seer, who came to a sticky end in the car park - burned alive in a barrel of pitch.