Borve Surf

The setting sun caught the waves as they marched into Borve.*
The setting sun caught the waves as they marched into Borve.

There are only two campsites on the island of Barra in the Outer Hebrides, and it was serendipity that a lady we met on the ferry from Oban recommended this one to us. Only a short drive from Castlebay and situated on the west coast of Barra, the little campsite was new and fulfilled our wish-list for the ideal camp.

Well, almost. The view, as you will see in this film, was superb; the facilties were clean and more than adequate; the price was - well, you expect things to be more expensive in such an isolated spot and it wasn't too expensive; the only thing lacking was wi-fi. The friendly proprietor told us that he had applied to British Telecom who had promised him broadband by March, this was May, from long experience he did not expect it until June and then only if the pigs in the nearby field sprouted wings.

If there had been wi-fi we might well have stayed for more than the single night, but we look back on Borve campsite as one of the best in the Outer Hebrides - which is saying something, for others had better facilities, reasonable wi-fi, even competitive pricing, but none had the view!