The life of Ninian
A mediaeval depiction of the miracles of St Ninian.

The Americans are very proud of their White House - but Scotland had one first. Candida Casa, built in AD 397 by the Christian missionary Ninian, was a marvel to the primitive Picts of the area, whose houses were made of wood or wattle and daub. Built of stone and coated in whitewash, the little church he established could be seen for miles and the modern name preserves the ancient "White House".

Literary evidence for Ninian is sparse, but in the first film Janet Butterworth of the Whithorn Trust reviews the archaeological evidence for Ninian and his ministry.

Unfortunately, while money may be the root of all evil, the lack of it comes not far behind and the Whithorn Trust is facing an uncertain future in these hard economic times. In the second film Janet shows us round the Trust's Visitor Centre (which is a splendid resource!) and asks you to sign a petition to support it.

In the third film I tell the story of St Ninian and show you some of the places and objects associated with him. In the fourth I hike down to the sea shore and visit the cave where St Ninian retreated to recharge his spiritual batteries.