Argyll & Bute

The Highlands of Scotland are a bit of a con, really, with gentle rolling countryside that isn't even all that high! But once you get over in the west the scenery improves, with towering peaks, gleaming lochs, beautiful vistas of the island-studded sea. Or, of course, a howling gale, driving rain, and visibility that extends to the end of your arm and not much further!

Our first film in this section comes from one of the islands - Iona, famous for the missionary work of St Columba and its continuing role as a place of pilgrimage. Then we move to nearby Mull and discover the grave of a fine Christian gentleman who is renowned as the "Father of Australia".

Next we move to the little port of Oban, with its many attractions for the tourist, including one that probably goes unvisited by the majority in a hurry to go somewhere else and do something else.

Finally we sail past the colourful little village of Tobermory, whose sunlight waters conceal the last resting place of a treasure ship that originally came from Ragusa (Dubrovnik) in Croatia.