Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland, unlike the rebel southern states of Eire, is British through and through. Apart, that is, from the parts that don't want to be. Drive through one village and the kerbstones are painted green and Irish tricolours - southern Irish, that is - hang from the lamp posts. Drive through the next and the kerbstones are painted red, white and blue and the Union Jack hangs from the lamp posts.

It is very much a case of every prospect pleasing and only you-know-what is vile, for the scenery is delightful, road signs (based on the British model) are intelligent and sensible, and only the simmering hatreds and prejudices - usually politely veiled in the interests of extracting the tourist pound - detract from the beauty of the place.

Our first - and so far, only - film from Northern Ireland is of the Giant's Causeway, a vaguely disappointing tourist "must".