In the bloody struggle that was the English Civil War, the Battle of Naseby was one of the most important battles. Not only was it a victory for Parliament and the Rounheads, but it destroyed the Royalist army of King Charles so decisively that he was never able to gather another army of similar quality again.

However the most notable thing about the battle was the contrast between the two cavalry commanders, Prince Rupert for the king and Oliver Cromwell for Parliament. Rupert swept all before him and kept going, only returning late in the day when the battle was already lost. Cromwell delivered short controlled charges again and again, keeping his men in check and never letting them get out of hand or pursue too far.

It was this, as much as anything else, which gave Parliament the victory at Naseby.

The battlefield of Naseby is a peaceful spot today, with a large monument on the site of the winning army. An even larger monument in the middle of the village bears an interesting testimonial to one man's faithfulness.