Geographically Hampshire is little different from Sussex or Dorset. Rolling chalk hills, green with grass and dappled with sheep and spotted with patches of forest, end at last in the sea. The most notable feature is the long inlet whose mouth is sheltered by the Isle of Wight and which has been Britain's most notable port for centuries.

Historically Hampshire is crowded with interest, from the centuries old parish churches and abandoned monasteries, to the millennia old stone circles and burial mounds. King Arthur may have held court at Winchester, King Henry VIII watched his greatest warship turn turtle and sink, and King Rufus came to a sticky end in the New Forest.

Our first film introduces us to some of the sights in Southampton and the second does the same for Portsmouth before we board ship and head for the Isle of Wight, stopping along the way to remember the sad fate of fortune's spoilt child - William Rufus.