Geographically, Dorset doesn't stand out. It has no soaring mountain ranges or turbulent rivers to separate it from its neighbours. History, however, is a different matter, for Dorset has one of the largest collections of pre-historical remains - burial mounds, hill forts, Roman villas and Georgian houses. There's even a giant, who would give California's porn industry a run for its money if ever he became 3D!

In addition there is the coastline, which boasts such oddities as Chesil Bank, where the pebbles are graded, big at one end, small at the other; the Jurassic Coast, so called from the number and age of the fossils entombed in the cliffs; and Portland Bill, whose tide race terrifies sailors and whose fine white stone is prized all over the world and which also gave its name to a type of cement.

Market towns, county fairs, traditional churches and friendly people make Dorset a place that should not be missed.