A curious plea at Marrawah beach*
A curious plea at Marrawah beach

We drove anti-clockwise around Tasmania and on Friday afternoon found ourselves at "world's end" - pretty close to the easternmost point in the island state. From where we stood on the beach looking east there was nothing but sea between us and Argentina!

Rather boisterous sea at that, for although the day was cool and the breeze no more than brisk, this was the Roaring Forties and I believe that at times the surf can be spectacular. On this particular day, however, you would cheerfully take your children to the beach and introduce them to the delights of surfing without undue danger - though the chap I spotted at the southern end of the beach did appear to be starting his child off a bit young!

I don't know whether they breed 'em tough in Tasmania, but they certainly appear to doing their best to rear 'em tough.

On the other hand, they have a protective attitude towards the native wildlife. They've changed the warning signs on the roads so that the endangered Tasmanian Devils now look cuddly rather than devilish, and here on Marrawah beach visitors are urged to only walk on the wet sand. The dry is being used for nests by various species of birds!