In happier times when British influence still rode high, I have travelled through northern Pakistan from Lahore to the Khyber Pass and met nothing but friendship, so I have happy memories of this hot, dry country. Unfortunately I also lived through two wars between India and Pakistan and experienced the tensions in Kashmir, as well as being brought up on tales of the horrors that attended Partition, when in a collective madness Muslims slaughtered Hindus in the territory that became Pakistan while Hindus slaughtered Muslims in India.

It is all a far cry from Jinnah's dream of Pak - holy - istan - land, where Islam would demonstrate its superiority to the effete Hindus. India's economy is booming and its corrupt politicians have managed to maitain a fairly stable democracy, while Pakistan is rent by lawlessness, factional fighting and religious unrest.

Our first film is about a project that seeks to change a small part of Pakistani society.